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Hi there!  Welcome to my eLearning portfolio.  Since you clicked the About Me tab, I assume you are curious about me and maybe want to know how I got started with my love of eLearning development.  So, read on to learn a bit more about me and my career progression.  Thanks for stopping by.

A short story about how I became interested in instructional design and eLearning.  Near the end of my Bachelor’s degree program,  I signed up for a forensic science course to fulfill a general education requirement.  Forensic science, crime scene investigation to be specific, would in my mind, be so much better than a biology class, right?  I’m signed up, and more excited about looking at crime scenes than I thought possible.  I’m at a world-class university, so I’m thinking that the crime scenes would rival a television show.  The reality of what I got was nothing close to what I was hoping for. Instead, I got a PowerPoint drawing of a crime scene.  To say I was disappointed is an understatement.

At this point, I began to wonder how I could become the person that gets to design the learning because I could think of many ways those crime scenes could have been designed for a more immersive, interactive experience for the learner.  You could say this was a turning point for me in my career and a major reason why I decided to pursue a career in instructional design and e-Learning development.

At this point, I already had experience and an interest in designing and developing websites.  I enjoyed working with and helping others in my human resources job and previous positions in customer service.  So I decided to pursue a Master of Educational Technology degree that taught me instructional design methodology, adult learning principles and offered plenty of hands-on projects such as developing mobile apps, working with Flash, and creating videos in Camtasia. 

I currently work at First Data as an Instructional Designer/Developer.  I design, develop, and assess curriculum needs for existing agents and new hires.  I have created training curriculums for mobile app solutions, global customer service agents, and client-facing training.  I have also worked to migrate call types from one location to another.  I frequently push back (in a nice way, of course) against doing things the way they have always been done.  I integrate technology into my curriculum designs and develop materials that leave learners excited instead of bored and unenthused.  I frequently research eLearning trends and review emerging technologies to make recommendations to the business for tools to innovate how we are presenting our training materials.

There you have it.  Well, the part of how I found the career path I am on and what I’m currently working on.

For the full story, you can find the details of my work history on LinkedIn.