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Associate ISD Program

Project Description

A program outline for a 12-month associate ISD development program.  This proposal was submitted to the senior leadership and accepted as a go-forward program.  There is currently 1 associate enrolled in the program.

12 week training program with a one-year probation period, after completing the program and passing the certification process, a successful associate ISD will be permitted to post for internal ISD positions.


  • Opportunity to grow talent for higher level roles without looking outside the company
  • Contribute to positive attrition
  • Full training curriculum will properly train associates for future ISD roles within the organization
  • Associates will mentor with current ISDs while completing the training; offers growth to current ISDs

Project Details

Client First Data
Date September 2015
Skills Program Development

This program was developed to grow talent from within the organization.  Individuals showing potential to become instructional designers can apply, interview, and get hired to go through this program on an as needed basis.  Those hired will complete a 12-week training to learn instructional design methods and practices.  They will then partner with other ISD’s to learn instructional design for the organization.  After passing certifications, they will be able to complete a project of their own under their mentor’s watch.  Those successful in the program, will after 1 year, be eligible to bid for any open ISD roles within the organization.