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Captivate Module – Desserts

Project Features

Each of the 5 sections shows a YouTube video about the topic, discusses what the product is, who should use it, the benefits, the restrictions, and a source for additional information.

The text has been removed and replaced with a Cupcake lorum ipsum text.

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Project Description

This module was developed in Adobe Captivate 7. My work is proprietary in nature, so the colors, images, and verbiage has been modified from it’s original build. What was once a 5 product overview is now a colorful tribute to all things sweet!

Designed to showcase 5 products in one module. Each product shows a YouTube video and has various interactions with the user. It was designed as an informational interactive module to provide basic information about several new products to the company.

NOTE: This module MUST be viewed in Chrome to function properly.

Project Details

Client No One In Particular
Date January 2016
Skills Graphic Design, Captivate, Multimedia