Designer. Developer.
learning consultant


A human resource and eLearning development expert with experience in the financial technology, healthcare, sales and marketing industries. Highly organized and tech-savvy, I specialize in innovation, process improvement, and adaptability. 

I grew up on a dairy farm in central Pennsylvania and am not afraid to jump in to get the work done. This means when I am working on a project I am all in and I am dedicated to the task of identifying the issue, figuring out ways to solve it, and making sure it is fixed.

Personal and professional development is something I work on daily and that is understandable considering my Myers-Briggs Personality Type is INFJ. I REALLY dislike the phrase “this is how we have always done it.”

20 Years Experience.

I created my first customer service curriculum in 1999, way before I had ever heard the term Instructional Design. I just wanted to help new hires learn call handling using a systematic approach that made sense. I created a binder of information for reference to accompany the training materials because I didn’t want the agents to be flustered when taking calls. 

Then I learned Microsoft FrontPage to design the company website and QuarkXpress and Photoshop to design product packaging and sales materials. 

Twenty years later, I am still helping others have the best learning experiences possible. 

From designing and developing eLearning experiences to editing video and everything in between, I still love to use web and graphic design tools, learning theory, and expertise to help others learn in new and exciting ways while closing knowledge gaps and solving business problems!



My Process.


Understand the goal & scope of the project. Identify knowledge gaps. Create a project plan. Gain approval.


Determine learning strategies. Course type: ILT, eLearning, or blended. Course duration. Assessment type: quiz, simulated learning, or teach back. Create a storyboard or course shell. Gain content sign-off.


Begin course creation. Utilize organizational templates for ILT. Create or add graphics, choose fonts and colors for eLearning and add approved content. Work with multimedia producer for video content.


Upload digital content to the Learning Management System (LMS). Test all items, course(s) and assessment(s) to ensure they function as expected.

Deploy the content to the facilitator during a train the trainer session. 


Debrief with the facilitator. Survey the participants. Analyze performance. Make enhancements.

Client and Partner Testimonials

VP Strategy and Programs, First Data

“Shannon has been an awesome partner with as we have had several instances where we had to respond to immediate business needs involving quick ISD turn-around time. Client required the team to craft procedures, identify and train agents to support a queue to begin taking calls in less than 48 hours; A product issue required the team to respond to an after-hours request (Friday evening) to again, create procedures and train agents both domestically and at our vendor locations. Shannon has been responsive and eager to help. Thank you so much Shannon for coming to our aid!“

Instructional Designer, TTEC

“I enjoyed working on this project with Shannon; Shannon is organized and knowledgeable on both the subject matter and the client’s behavior patterns. Jumping into the project without much background could have gone very poorly for most of us, but Shannon’s knowledge and support made it easy to transition into this project. Shannon always made time to support and appreciate the people on the team. She is a great leader who takes pride in her work.“

Director Project Management, Process Improvement, First Data

“Shannon was instrumental in getting the materials gathered for a difficult client project. She went out of her way to discover process steps the client was unwilling to share. By creating her own web page and actually using the tools the client was implementing she created classroom materials with little help from the client.  Thanks for being innovative in working through ZenDesk and Client materials.“

VP Product Development, First Data

“Thanks for your support and dedication throughout this migration. Your willingness to travel, spend countless hours with various team members and provide non-stop support during the onsite training classes enabled us to seamlessly move the level two work groups to Hagerstown. Sure appreciate all that you do!”